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CALL FOR PAPERS: Mobile Culture Studies. The Journal. 07/2021

Dienstag, 16.02.2021

The materialities of belonging: Objects in/of exile across the Mediterranean

Mobile Culture Studies. The Journal, 2021.

The call for the upcoming thematic issue 2021 of ›mcsj› is dedicated to following the trajectories of displaced things and persons, all by being open to the “surprise of movement,” and to the “cultural connections between unexpected times and places”, as Stephen Greenblatt has called it. The contributions which we ask for should focus on the Mediterranean region, which has always been the place of multiple exchanges of people, ideas, and objects. The proposed aspects are (1) research on objects, (2) research with objects, and (3) restitution by objects.

Guest editors: dr. Piera Rossetto (Graz, pierarossetto(at)gmail.com) dr. Ewa Tartakowsky (Paris, etartakowsky(at)yahoo.fr)

Please find the detailed Call for Papers here.

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