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New Antisemitism in Europe? Keynote and Open Discussion with Dr. Paul A. Levine

Mittwoch, 07.11.2018

07.11.2018, 19:30-21:00,

Afro-Asian Institute Graz

Today Europe, the EU and the world are witness to an alarming explosion of right-wing extremism and a political strengthening of toxic ethno-nationalisms thought to belong to the past. These trends, combined with large-scale movements of refugees and a weakening of still young democratic structures, present an unique danger for the democratic and humanistic Europe which remains at the very center of our common post-War aspirations. If this serious challenge is not adequately understood and confronted, another European tragedy is sure to follow.

Keynote: Dr. Paul A. Levine

Presentation: Assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr.in Ulla Kriebernegg (Zentrum für Inter-Amerikanische Studien, Universität Graz)

Informal reception follows.

Free entrance.


Afro-Asian Institute, Centrum für Jüdische Studien (Karl-Franzens Universität), CLIO – Verein für Geschichts- und Bildungsarbeit, Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Graz Komitee für christlich-jüdische Zusammenarbeit Graz, Karl-Franzens Universität Graz


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